Starting to Trade- As Easy As ABC

With our trading platform you can start trading within minutes!

As a trader you need to be concentrating on making smart moves and not on getting to know the trading platform's user interface. With us even someone who's never traded online before can easily create a trading account and begin making the most of it.

One of the many advantages of trading with us is that a single trading account allows you instant access to not one, but two separate trading platforms, a Forex trading platform and an Options trading platform. You can easily switch from one platform to the other anytime.

Setting Up a Trading Account

Creating a new trading account is a simple three step process. Once you've set up your account you will have access to the Forex trading platform.

  • Once you go to the ”Open an Account” page you will be given step by step instructions for creating your new user account. You can also choose the “Quick Start” option in the website home page
    Opening and activating a new trading account requires that you provide some documents such as proof of identification, bank account details and some type of utility bill showing that the address you provide is correct. Legitimate traders have no trouble providing the required documents, the whole verification process may be completed within minutes.
  • In order to begin trading you will need to deposit some funds into your new trading account.
    You can ether go to My Account -> Deposit Funds or once you are on the trading platform, click on the “Deposit” button. Choose one of the several methods available for transferring funds into your trading account (e.g. by credit card, wire transfer, online E-wallet, etc.). You will be provided simple instructions for making a deposit using the method you chose.
  • 3.Once you've created your new trading account and the verification process was completed you may begin issuing any and all types of orders on Forex trading platform. We offer plenty of instructional material and 24/7 professional support. You'll quickly get the hang of things, try out different trading aids, adopt and refine certain trading strategies etc.

Remember- Professional Support is Always Available

Our trading platform is extremely user friendly, this guarantees that traders find everything they need literally at their fingertips.
We know that sometimes there is just no substitute for expert advice. Our support center operates 24/7, you may contact us by email, live chat or telephone anytime, we will gladly provide you with any assistance you may need, whether it's a technical issue you need help with or professional trading advice that you're after.

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