Depositing and Withdrawing Funds To and From Trading Accounts

In order to begin trading some funds must be deposited into a newly opened trading account. Profits from successful trading will cause the capital in your trading account to grow.

In order to make use of funds from your trading account for anything other than further trading you will want to make withdrawals, i.e. transferring funds into your bank account to be used as and when you wish.

Naturally, with an advanced, user-friendly trading platform such as ours, depositing and withdrawing funds to and from trading accounts is very easy. Here's a brief explanation of how it's done:

Depositing Funds Into Your Trading Account

From the drop down menu under "my account" you can access the "deposits" page.

In order to make a deposit, you will first need to choose the method you wish to use. There are several possible ones:

  • You may use a credit/debit card
  • Funds can be wire transferred into your trading account
  • You can deposit funds from an online wallet
  • There are other electronic payment methods available

Once you've specified which of the mentioned above methods you intend to use in order to make the deposit, you'll be given simple, step by step instructions as to how to proceed.

Every deposit made into your trading account will remain listed, you can view these details on the "monitor transaction" page which you can access from the drop down menu under "my account".

It is important to understand that depositing funds into a new trading account is not, in itself, enough in order to begin trading. Before you may commence trading, you will need to complete a one-time verification process. Such verification is necessary in order to ensure legality.

Verification is established by asking traders to provide documentation proving their identity and accuracy of the personal information they've entered when creating the account. Among these documents are:

  • Proof of identification, color photographs of the front and the back of an identity card or a picture of the personal details page of your passport.
  • Documents proving place of residence, such as utility bills, municipal tax payment receipts, etc.
  • Pictures of both sides of the credit card you intend to use for depositing and withdrawing funds from your trading account. The number of the card may be concealed, except for the last four digits. The CCV code (a three or four digit code found on the back of credit cards) may also be hidden.

Withdrawing Funds from Your Trading Account

Withdrawals are processed from the "withdrawals" page accessible from the drop down menu under "my account". Follow the simple, step by step, instructions until completion of the withdrawal request.

As with deposits, withdrawals are possible only once the verification process has been completed so make sure you've done this and that your account has been activated before attempting to make a withdrawal.

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