Buy to Open Definition, Explained in Detail with Example

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There are four types of options that are commonly used in the industry. Alongside buy to open, these include buy to close, sell to open and sell to close. Here we look at precisely what the basic definition of buy to open means, alongside offering an example of it at work. By analyzing the term further, we can provide a better understanding...

Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand Formula Explained

Bill Cascade   NEW 30/09/2019 00:00:00 Guides

The term cross-price elasticity of demand can sound confusing to those with little understanding of the concept. Yet, when the cross-price elasticity demand formula is broken down in detail, you’ll find that it’s a most simple of premises. Here we take a look at the formula, considering some worked examples. This will highlight just how relevant it is and in which frameworks...

What is Capital Gains Yield Formula, Explained with Examples

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If you’re looking to invest in any type of security, Capital gains yield formula is an effective formula that can act as a useful tool. Understanding the use of the capital gains yield formula helps better investment decisions. This means you could look at making a profit as a result of applying it...

What is Market Risk Premium Formula, Explained with Examples

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Most of us are aware of the premise that greater risk means greater return. Yet many people are unaware of the calculation to arrive at this risk. The market risk premium formula helps when considering and making investment choices...

What Does Posting Date and Transaction Date Mean?

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Some people are unclear about the differences between posting date and transaction date. Here we define each term, offering examples. Thus, making you aware of the implications posting date and transaction date have on your finances...

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