AUD/JPY Trading Volume Remains Low On Wednesday As Traders Remain Cautious Amid Release Of Australian Consumer Confidence Data

Bill Cascade   NEW 13/04/2019 00:00:00 Forex

The AUD/JPY hovered around the 79.20 range on Wednesday, indicating that the Aussie consumer confidence data that was recently published did not have much of an impact on trader sentiments...

Euro Remains Largely Steady Against Major Currencies As Bets Against The Currency Edge Up

Bill Cascade   NEW 11/04/2019 00:00:00 Forex

This year, the Euro celebrates 20 years since its commissioning. However, the turmoil that is underway within the politics of the Eurozone is threatening the existence and strength of the currency. Nonetheless, the Euro has remained strong and is holding up within a good range against major rivals...

US Dollar Weakens Against The Japanese Yen As Global Risk Sentiment Sours

Bill Cascade   NEW 11/04/2019 00:00:00 Forex

During periods of crises, traders pile their investments in safe-haven assets as a way of hedging against loss. Interestingly, the Japanese yen looks like it is winning against the US dollar as the main haven currency as risks to global economic growth continues to emerge...

Brexit Angst Weighs Over The Pound As It Slides Against The Dollar

Bill Cascade   NEW 10/04/2019 00:00:00 Forex

The Brexit drama continues as negotiators work around the clock to ensure that the UK does not crush out of the EU without a significant deal. However, prospects of such a scenario are growing dim as every new day grows into weeks. As that happens, the Pound Sterling is taking a lot of heat from the unfavorable trades against it...

The Forex Market Enters A Risk-On Mood, And The Euro Is Benefiting

Bill Cascade   NEW 09/04/2019 00:00:00 Finance

Risk sentiment across the forex market is on the rise, and it is being spurred on by a series of positive reports. For starters, much of the period after the start of this year has been dominated by weak economic data, slow economic growth and heightening political instability, all on a global scale. Nonetheless, it seems the period is coming to an end as positive news begins to trickle in...

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